When your home is a far away land

Credit Jean-Philippe Defaut

Sometimes the only way to realize you have grown up in tragedy, is to move to a far away land

Sometimes the only way to get curious about your origins, is to leave the land of your origin

Sometimes the only way to forgive your parents, is to get to know them from thousands of miles away

Sometimes the only way to meet yourself, is to leave the place that shaped parts of you, and also obscured parts of you

Sometimes the only way to see the beauty in your culture, is to wash yourself with that foreign culture

Sometimes the only way to fall in love with your heritage, is to realize that where you live is broken too, everywhere is a little broken in its own way

Sometimes we have to leave our country, our home, our parents, our city, our habits

Sometimes we have to hate, feel angry, reject, ignore, forget

Before we can look back at home with gratitude and watery eyes that only can see that broken is beautiful

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about child of the moon:
in between being your mother and father
i forgot to be your daughter
and became the child of the moon
inspired by the author’s traumatic childhood experiences and set against the backdrop of the lebanese civil war, child of the moon is a powerful collection of poetry reflecting on fear, shame, despair, suicide, and the unconditional love that leads to healing.