Social media is the new oppression

Take back your brain

Take a social media break

Use it to listen to your soul

To be present with nature, lovers, friends, family, dogs, cats and the moon

Take back your energy, your intelligence, your gifts

Free your brain

So it can breathe again

So it can create.

Sing a song, sow a scarf for your nephew, doodle tropical fruits, interview people that fascinate you, write a letter to your ex then burn it, call an old friend and say sorry + I love you, solve a puzzle of the Eiffel Tower

Take back your life

They say we only have one

Don’t give it to Instagram

Pre-order your copy of child of the moon my first illustrated book of poetry:

about child of the moon:
in between being your mother and father
i forgot to be your daughter
and became the child of the moon
inspired by the author’s traumatic childhood experiences and set against the backdrop of the lebanese civil war, child of the moon is a powerful collection of poetry reflecting on fear, shame, despair, suicide, and the unconditional love that leads to healing.

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