Fuck working hard

Jess Semaan
2 min readJan 16, 2016

I used to work really hard. So hard I almost killed myself.

I used to praise the people that worked hard and mimic them.

Until burn out came knocking, and I was forced to ask myself WHY.

Working hard is a cover up for “I am so insecure, I need to prove to people that don’t give a shit about me that I am worthy, smart and capable.”

Working hard is code for, the system screwed me. It is code for injustice. The system that values wealth accumulation, income inequality and global warming. I have to work 5 jobs to pay my rent, when my rich neighbor is getting richer.

Working hard is an escape from myself. It is because I cannot fucking stand sitting alone and noticing how I feel. It is my alcohol, Instagram, my addiction.

Working hard is ignorance. Because I was young, and my narcissistic boss told me it is the only way.

Working hard means I am stupid. Because I am not stopping and finding ways to work smarter.

Working hard is selfish. For I am robbing my family and friends from my presence, love and attention.

I am no longer buying your excuses of hard work to save the world.

I am no longer singing your praises, when I see you soulless and close to burn out.

I am no longer getting inspired by your work ethics, because I now live for my life ethics.

I am simply asking you, why my friend.

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