Lebanon breaks up with her abusive boyfriend

Jess Semaan
2 min readNov 4, 2019

After years of telling her friends she wants to leave him, and silently going back to him, Lebanon suddenly woke up one day, without telling anyone and asked her boyfriend of almost 30 years to fuck off. She threw his clothes out of the window, to the delight of the neighbors who are looking for distraction from their own dysfunctional relationships.

He came back at the door of their building promising for 100th time to no longer leave the apartment messy and dirty and blaming it on their dog, to no longer use her credit cards to buy himself a Gucci belt, and pretend it was all from his sweat. He promised to no longer cheat on her with her Saudi-Iranian friend, and that it was a moment of weakness, he’s sorry girlfriend. He promised to no longer call her mfa7lÉ, when she calls him out for not going down on her, when she is simply asking for her right. He vowed to never again accuse her for cheating on him with a woman that works at the safarra of the USA, he knows this is no betrayal.

He cried saying sometimes he makes mistakes, he is human, but this time he will change.
He blamed his parents for the bad parenting, the weather for his seasonal depression, and Lebanon for making him feel insecure. She knows a lot, she is very hard working and kind at the same time. She is beautiful at all ages.

This time, Lebanon did not fall for his bullshit. As he was talking and begging, she finally practiced her kickboxing newly learned skills and kicked him in the stomach, punched in the face and walked away.

She was done. And not going to find another man. She is done and is ready to find her own way. She needs no men to tell her what to do, no outside relationship to keep her safe. She does not know what the future holds, but she does know her freedom is more important than the veneer of safety.