It’s my birthday in 2 hours

Jess Semaan
2 min readNov 6, 2017

A letter shared with friends and family

November 1, 2017 10 PM

It’s my birthday in less than 2 hours

I know myself a little more
I let myself off the hook a little more

I eat a little healthier
I eat a little slower

I accept my anger
and I yell less often

I judge a tiny less
I trust a tiny more

It’s strange to say but I kind of do like myself

I like my honesty and search for truth
I like my ability to support other people, listen and be a voice of compassion

I enjoy most of my writing
I write more for me and less for attention

I have become more of a small group person
I care more about deepening existing relationships than meeting new people

I care more about building a home than roaming the world

I still don’t know what I want most of the times
I still haven’t figured out whether I want kids

I still go into despair (and come out of it)
I still believe in love and marriage and commitment

I still speak my truth even if it’s controversial
I still cry a lot

I have made many of my dreams come true

I am in love
I live in a retreat like apartment
I am studying to be a therapist

I am healthy
I go to therapy

I realize every day that I am a tiny speck in the universe
That everything matters and nothing matters

My intention for this year is embracing the paradox of life
Thinking more judging less
When I am about to blame someone look for the oppressor within
Take responsibility and sit with complexity

Thank you my readers for seeing me